Feb 20

How To Find Meaning And Purpose In Life

Normally, you probably don’t lie awake at night worrying about whether your life has purpose or meaning.  Your mind is busy, filled with thoughts about your irritable boss and the demands of your job.  Perhaps, your daughter needs braces, or you’re wondering what to do for the weekend.

It’s easy for you to get caught up in the daily routine of living.  It’s after the big stuff hits that you begin to wonder whether your life has a purpose or is meaningful.  Events such as divorce, loss of a loved one, diagnosis of a serious illness or disability can result in your questioning life’s purpose or meaning.  At times daily living can become unbearable.

It’s at this point, where knowing and understanding what matters is important to you.  You want a life full of love, joy, peace and happiness.  Additionally, the knowing what’s important can lead to the “How” in receiving your desires.

A Meaningful Life, What Is It?

Many people believe that life is a joy ride.  Others feel that life is about learning a lesson.  For some, life means we’re here to experience for God, or to discover enlightenment.  Then, ultimately, there are those who believe life holds no purpose nor has any meaning at all.

What I’m speaking about here, isn’t a philosophical context or idea. I’m talking about the push come to shove meaningfulness that empowers your true everyday life.  The only meaning that counts is the meaning you give to your life.  A life meaning and purpose that’s individualized to you, specifically,not your Mother’s purpose, nor your Fathers.

A meaning and purposeful life are something you give to yourself.  It’s not a one size fit all theory that’s out in the cosmos.  It’s something you bring forth into your life by how you perceive the values you wish to live by and the choices you make.  Meanings are a result of your perceptions, faith and beliefs, about the persons, places and life events that are important to you.

Why Meaning Is Important

Mankind is unique from other living beings, because throughout time, man has been a seeker of the Meaning of Life.  A life without meaning or purpose feels empty and lacks contentment.  Everything becomes a chronic searching for a substitute to fill the emptiness.  The obtaining of power, wealth and self-gratification  is temporary.  It simply creates a frustrated wanting for more.

Your life becomes enriched when your desires come naturally as a result of your passion, love and willingness to serve others.

Being aware of your thoughts, knowing what matters and what you want from life, will give you a comfortable feeling of purpose.  A life of purpose allows you to move forward finding new ways to express yourself.  You will learn to like and love yourself.  Your feelings of self-love  will propel your sense of self-worth and personal satisfaction.  You will benefit from the ability to experience and grow each day.  Your knowledge and understanding give you the strength to create your life as you want and deserve.

How To Discover Your Life’s Meaning

Discovering your Life’s meaning can come like a bolt of lighting, or as slow rolling molasses.  Your attitude and perceptions will decide at what speed and by what means you will discover your life meaning.

You will find what you’re searching for, if you can accept responsibility for how you give of yourself to others.  Most important is  your willingness to accept responsibility for how you respond to life events.

Know Yourself

If fear and doubt have you stuck, meaning life has numbed you, so that you become unclear about who or what you are as a person.  Then,  take a personal inventory of yourself.  Look within yourself, be still, and listen.  Start with the following:

1.  What did I like and enjoy as a child? Example, baseball, camping, chocolate, don’t leave anything out, include, food, clothes, activities, people, animals, events, everything and anything.

2.  What do I like and enjoy as an adult?  note:  write everything even if you never had the time to take part as an adult.  List everything as if there were no limits holding you back, like money, time, health, or physical ability.

3.  What am I good at doing?

4.  What are my Strengths?  example, I am creative, loving, kind, brave etc

5.  What are my Dreams, Goals and Desires?  Answer as if all things were possible, and nothing to hold you back, like, money, time, ability, etc.

6.  What Kind of person am I?

7.  What Kind of person do I want to become?  What do I wish to change?

In this assessment, answer as completely and honestly as possible.  Look for the true person that lives within you.  Respond to the questions from that type of person, or the type of person that you believe lives within you.

The goal is to know yourself.  Sometimes we get so wrapped in daily living, we forget who we truly are.   Events and experiences from  childhood have shaped  our perception of life and ourselves.  It’s about finding the real you buried within.

Also. Think about the various areas of life, such as family, career, faith and beliefs, spirituality, relationships, hobbies, etc.  Decide, which are the most important to you now.  Decide how the real inner you would respond or behave in these areas.

Finding The Key

It’s all about jogging your thoughts and emotions to help you discover the inner you that’s been buried for a long time.

Set aside time to sit quiet, tapping into your inner power, ask your questions, wait quietly and patiently.  You will be pleased  as the answers begin to come slowly.  Do not stress, have patience and listen to your voice within.  The answers will come.  Going within to what I call your God Force energy will give you strength and confidence.

It’s about discovering the knowledge and understanding of who and what you are.  So, that you can create a meaningful life of Health, Wealth and Happiness.  A life that God meant for you to live.

I welcome your comments, suggestions and questions.  Until next time!  Warm Regards!




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Feb 13

How To Communicate With Your Spirit Guide Using A Pendulum

Learning how to communicate with your Spirit Guide using a pendulum is not difficult at all.  There are simple ways to communicate with the pendulum, but they leave a lot to be desired simply because you are not having a true full conversation.  In this article I will explain how you can take your life to a new and fulfilling level by using the pendulum and a letter board to communicate.

The ability to connect with your spirit guide amplifies your ability to grow spiritually as the guidance received will help to eliminate misunderstandings ,leading to a more satisfied life.  While everything you desire to know, wont’ be revealed to you because, either God does not want you to know at this time or, he may expect you to figure it out on your own.  Either way, the resulting relationship you develop with your guide will be a loving and life changing experience.

It is God’s desire to communicate with us, and we all are able to do this through his representative, your Spirit Guide.  You might wonder why not just communicate directly?  Well, I wondered the same and was told that God has an order to his dominion and this is how he chooses for us to communicate at least for now.

You may read in various places that you can communicate with Angels and those who have left this earth.  However, it is best to begin with your Guide and allow him or her to decide what’s best for you.

Part of why we are here on earth is to remember where we came from and to learn who we are. For much of what flows into our life, God expects us to figure out  for ourselves and to work through our difficulties.  However, your Spirit Guide is there to guide you so that you learn to identify and accept what is your own truth that is within you.   That truth is your truth and only yours. Your Spirit Guide will work with you so that you may understand what is important at this point in your life.

Scientist through research in Quantum physics have validated much of this.

About The Pendulum

A pendulum is strictly a tool that allows you to tap into the your power within.  The energy of your thoughts and questions are known to your Spirit Guide.  The guide responds and the pendulum moves spelling out the letters into words so you may have a complete answer.  It will take a while to separate the words from running into one another.  If you focus and concentrate you may even sense the word or answer.  But do not expect that to happen immediately.

Choosing A Pendulum

Actually any thing can work as a pendulum, a piece of string and a nail will work, just as a small stone and string as well.  The key is to have something with a weight of about 3 ounces and a chain or string of at least 5 inches.  The longer the chain the slower the pendulum will move.

You can make your own, or buy something that’s pleasing to your eye.  Keep in mind a  rounded body  leading to a point on the bottom is best.  My personal preference is a crystal quartz, but it is your choice.

Blessing Or Charging Your Pendulum

You may have read or heard that you should bless or charge your pendulum. In the days of old some people believed it was necessary to make sure there are no playful spirits that would interfere in communicating with your Spirit Guide.  While I do not believe this is so, it does not hurt to conduct a simple blessing of your pendulum.  Simply hold the pendulum in your hands and ask God to bless it with his love and protection and that you desire to communicate with your Spirit Guide.

How To Use The Pendulum

For the purpose of this discussion we will be talking about using a letter board other than  how to get yes and no answers.  No, if you’re wondering, it’s not like a Quija board, where you will invite bad elements.  First of all a Quija board is operated with two people increasing the energy and when used frivolously will attract negative spirits.  However with the pendulum you are in control along with your Spirit Guide.

Have A Full Conversation Use A Letter Board  

You can have a good experience using a letter board which is available on the internet for download.  If you are artistic you can design your own, keeping in mind the ease of the pendulum  arc or swing for your Guide.  Having the word yes at the top center  aids in a starting point for your Guide.  A Half moon shaped  board works well and you can place the word No somewhere on the bottom, but don’t be surprised if you guide spells out the word No.

To begin, you can place your elbow on the table holding the pendulum about four inches over the center of the letter board.  Try to relax and simply say or think I desire to communicate with my Spirit Guide.  Wait to see if the pendulum begins to move.  If it doesn’t move, don’t be concerned.  Repeat the thought and you may give the pendulum a slight push.  If it fails to move, simply take a break and try again later.  It’s normal  to take a few attempts.  Should it begin to move, relax and let it move on its own.  It may start moving up and down or back and forth from the word yes.  Watch it and it should spell out a message.  Sometimes after a word is spelled it may then it swing erratic, that is your guide allowing to understand the first word.  Then it will start going to other letters to complete the message.  A Guide may give you a name, simply because we as humans  use names.

After awhile you can use the board without your elbow on a table and you may sit relaxed anywhere holding the board in one hand or on your lap and the pendulum over the board in your other hand.  What ever is comfortable for you will work.

This is a wonderful way to have a meaningful conversation.  And it allows for you to develop an intimate relationship with your Guide.  Hopefully you will bond with him or her in love and friendship.

Remember, always speak the truth to your guide, as they have been with you all your life and know everything about you.  They are also aware of everything that can and will affect your life.  They are God’s representative who love you unconditionally and are non judgmental.,   Their sole desire is to guide you according to God’s will.

God wants to open communication between our world and the spiritual, this is  only one way for now.  You will discover that this relationship  will bring peace and contentment into your life because you will feel empowered, safe and loved.

Not A Toy Or Game

Remember this is not a toy, improper or frivolous use can result in bad answers or have a negative effect.  When speaking to your guide be yourself and talk as if you are talking to a friend or to a counselor.  Courtesy is appreciated in the spiritual world as well.

Ask Specific Questions

It’s important to your success to keep your questions as specific as possible.  For example, if you ask is this a good book?  You will get a yes it is.  But your guide is responding specifically to your question is it good or bad.    What you should ask is this book of serious benefit to me?   Now you are asking questions regarding to your specific need.  But I will caution, after a while your guide will expect you to make your own decision about a book.  They are not available to answer and solve all of life’s do’s and don’ts, that for you as it has been before.  However they will give answers and guidance to help you grow, and to get you through difficult times.


It is best that you keep your communication between you and your Spirit Guide.  Simply because people will not understand.  It is this false perception and disbelief about communication with your Spirit Guide and the use of a pendulum that holds people back.  Be open and receive the blessing of your Guide as it will change your life as it has changed mine.  God Bless!  I would love to receive your comments.
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Jun 06

How To Make Money Growing Plants And Flowers

If gardening is your passion, making money growing plants and flowers may have never entered your mind. For many people gardening is a passion. You can relieve stress from the daily grind and enjoy being a part of helping mother nature and her magic. So, while you’re enjoying yourself, why not add some extra cash to your banking account.

Today’s Economy

When the economy is rough, people tend to spend money on their yards and homes. Landscaping is a popular project for homeowners. So plants, flowers, trees and shrubs will be on their shopping list.

Why Buy From Me?

There are many people who don’t have the time or the interest to grow plants or flowers. They prefer to buy them for their landscape or indoor enjoyment. Now you’re thinking what about Wal-Mart, or Home Depot, or large nurseries within your area. It doesn’t matter because of the people factor. People prefer to buy from the little guy. They get a better product, and they feel like they’re helping you out.

Make Money With Your Gardening Skills

Making money growing plants and flowers is the ideal way to turn you gardening skills into a part-time business. What a grand way of doing what you love. You may even grow your business full-time if that’s what you want.

A home-based nursery is not a get-rich quick scheme. It takes the desire to make extra income, and some hard work. However, you can make a handsome profit. I know a few people who take a cutting or seed from another plant, pot it and later sell for between 3 and 5 dollars. A 20 cent seed depending on the plant can earn you equal or more.

What To Sell

Other than growing flowers what kind of plant can you grow to sell?

Use your imagination, keeping your abilities and available resources in mind. The following are suggestions:

1. Ground Cover– many plants make up the class of ground cover. These are plants that slow erosion and growth of weeds. If the plants grows sprawling out like a mat, clumps or bunches, then its ground cover.

2. Vegetable Plants Starters, Many people like to garden, but do not like starting from seed. Especially in the northern climates where the growing season is shorter. You can start your plants early, indoors and have them ready for potential clients.

3. Ornamental Grass they vary in size and uses as well. Floral designers love using them as cut flowers and everlasting, and they are ideal in the city as they tolerate poor soil and air.

4. Trees and shrubs If you have enough space there are a variety of trees and shrubs you can grow. Japanese Maples are popular, firs, and maples as well. What about azaleas, and other varieties that landscapers and other customers like to buy.

What Else To Grow

The most popular plants to grow are those that people buy the most. Check out your local garden centers, nurseries, landscapers etc. Play detective and find out what plants people buy the most. Play innocent and ask questions, you’re not sure what to plant, so what are your best sellers. It’s that easy,pick their brains for information.

How To Sell

Set up a stand or booth at a Farmers market or flea market. They normally attract good crowds and folks like to buy from local growers.

Retail Sales

Retail sales are a good way to make money. Some towns may not allow sales direct from you nursery. However, gardening is normally considered a hobby so you can have a few yard sales, where you feature your plants. One Ideal way is to save up your plants and prepare a large weekend plant sale. Announce it in your Penny Saver, or weekly newspapers. Community bulletin boards are great as well.

Get Your Name Out There

Donate some plants to charity fundraisers, or have a sale offering a part of the profits to a specific charity. This opens the door to new customers.

Ideal Home Business

Making money growing plants and flowers is ideal for everyone, especially stay at-home moms, and retirees.

You don’t need much space, as you can grow plants right out of the pot. So turn your love for plants and flowers into some spare or full-time cash.

Would you like to sharpen your gardening skills and knowledge? Then visit the National Gardening Association website at www.garden.org

I welcome your comments and suggestions and don’t forget to let me know how it works out for you.



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May 03

Coming Out! A Novice Psychic Explains

Natures Beauty Is A Blessing

Natures Beauty Is A Blessing

My coming out at the age of 63 with the announcement that I am a psychic is as big surprise to me as it is to those who know me.  Never in my entire life did I expect such a dramatic change in the course of my life.

Actually everyone has psychic abilities.  For some folks they need   to develop them and for others it comes easily.  For me, it has been a gradual change slowly evolving to what I am today.

Over the past ten years I have had characteristics of an Empath.  An empath is a person who is sensitive and feels the emotions of others. As a result negative people are toxic and make me physically ill, draining me of my energy and leaving me exhausted.

Subtle changes began occurring over the years.  As a disabled veteran from agent orange exposure, I developed illnesses  that caused chronic pain, fatigue, and sleep deprivation.  As a result I learned to meditate to help find peace and calm my pain.  Also I rediscovered Reiki, a hands on healing method.  Meditation and Reiki further opened me up to areas of life that I never expected to experience.  In the past few months things began to move rapidly.

In January of 2009 I entered the hospital with an infection and in addition my kidneys shut down.  The doctor came in one night and told me the antibiotics were not working, and if the infection could not be stopped I was facing death.  Wow, how reflective on life one can get at  that moment, coupled with frustration of many years wasted from not living fully.

Obviously I did not want to die, I wanted a second chance.  I prayed and promised God I would not waste the opportunity to live a life as full as possible.  I promised he could use my life as he saw fit.

Soon after I met my loving wife Luccia.  Despite many good things in my life, I would often reflect how could I have a purpose or live a meaningful life.  I am in my 60′s with limited physical abilities.

A few months ago, I have learned that my mediation experiences, dreams etc were specific and intentionally directed to me.  I can not explain the details clearly here.  However, It is exciting at my age to take on a new adventure.  A path of spiritual fulfillment and a life with great purpose.  To be of service to others.

OK!!  you are wondering, so what! why am I telling you this.  Well, simply because I must as my future writings will cause you to wonder how I know certain things. And, I am  guided to, because of many specific things to come.

Finally, I know many will think I am crazy, others will ridicule and attack me.  Fortunately there will be those who support, love and accept me for who I am.

Please understand when you read anything I write, simply take what resonates within you and to simply discard the rest.  I am not out trying to force change anyones beliefs.  I respect all religions. My task is simply to give information, of which you can peacefully accept or reject.

Attackers, I will not fight with anyone, we have free will to believe what we choose, I respect yours, please respect mine.

Thank you for your understanding.

Blessings to all.

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Dec 06

Loneliness! How To Tips For Overcoming Being Lonely

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Overcoming loneliness is a challenge for many and may seem almost impossible for others, yet with a sincere effort and desire you can overcome it.

Loneliness is an uncomfortable and complicated experience of feelings of isolation and emptiness.  There are many causes that result in being lonely.  However, loneliness is possibly  affected by your current social situation and emotional state.

We are all social creatures.  God created you as a loving social being with the intention that you live a full, joyful and abundant life.  While loneliness is a normal occurrence, it’s really like a physic alarm clock, providing you with a wake-up call to take action and seek social activity.

Connecting Socially

Participate in activities that allow you to meet other people.  loneliness fades when yo have contact with other people, especially when you share the same interest.  Here are some how-to tips for overcoming being lonely:

1.  Take an inventory of yourself, write it down on paper.  Determine what are your interest?  Whats your favorite activity, or what was your favorite?  Do you like to bowl?  If so, join a weekly bowling league and don’t say you’re not good enough!  there are leagues that add handicap points to your score based on your average.  Or, are you an avid reader? join a book club.  Do you like fishing? Join a sports or fishing club.  Are you a crafter, quilter then join a related group.  The key is to find a group activity that interests you.  Not sure about locating groups, check the internet, your church bulletin, weekly penny saver, newspapers etc for group listings.

2.  Become daring, attempt something new.  Take up a new hobby, how about Metal Detecting.  There are many clubs with members to help you choose your first detector and to help you learn how to use it.  Plus they have various group activities.  Find one gold ring and you paid for your detector.

Here are some ideas to get your juices flowing:

a.  Metal Detecting gets you outdoors, the thrill of the hunt, offers personal and group activity.  Pays you in cash, jewelry and historical relics.

b.  Gold prospecting, there are clubs to join, gets you outdoors, offers financial reward and you need very little to get started.

c.  Bottle hunting and collecting., offers group activity, exercise, an artful appreciation of history, plus many bottles are valuable and in demand to collectors.

d.  Stamp and Coin Collecting, offers group club association, and personal satisfaction of the art and history behind stamps and coins.

e. Arts and crafts such as candle making, soap making, stamping, quilting, woodworking, photography, videography.  You can enjoy these activities solo or with a group.

f.  Walking and Hiking, check your area for groups, makes it more enjoyable.

g.  Sports such as Bowling, Golf, Tennis, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball etc.  Of course this depends on your physical condition.  Check with your local Park and Recreation department for clinics and leagues.  Yes, there are leagues for the over 40 crowd as well.

The list of activities is as long your imagination.  However the key is group activity.  Get out and meet like-minded people,  make friends and enjoy.  There are many activities that are solitary in nature, but remember you need to take part in group activities as well.

Develop A Routine

For many, loneliness comes from being suddenly thrown into a solitary living environment that creates the feeling of a loss of familiarity.  Your routine that you kept for many years has come to a screeching halt.  You’re probably feeling like a fish out of water not sure what to do with yourself.

It’s important to develop a new routine and you can make changes if you not happy with it.  Change is a positive thing, it opens up new doors of opportunity.  Some tips to get you started:

a.  Wake up and go to bed at the same time

b.  Pack a lunch and go to the park or meet a friend for lunch at least once a week.

c.  Go out for morning coffee and grab a paper, even better with a friend.

d.  Participate in a weekly group activity, if not possible monthly at the least.

f.  Visit regularly with family and friends

g.  Experiment and try new activities, you never what you will discover and  may enjoy.

  Treat yourself to something special once a week, or month even something as simple as treating your self to ice cream.

i.  Add meditation to your routine, there are many Subliminal CD‘s that help guide you to meditate.  It provides great emotional and physical benefits and sharpens memory and creativity.

The key is to try to develop a routine that doesn’t have you sitting home all day.  Set your schedule for routine task such as shopping, housekeeping and church if you desire to worship.  Do what makes you feel good and enjoy each moment.

Lack Of Motivation Or No Interest

There are some folks where the knowing what to do to overcome loneliness is not the problem.  Their problem is that they lack the desire or interest to even begin.  Down deep they want to overcome the loneliness and frustration that comes with it.  Yet they just can’t bring the change about.

This state of being, the lack of interest, to connect socially is possibly a result of clinical depression.  While the focus of this article is not on clinical depression, the recommendations are beneficial and may relieve some of its symptoms.

Please…if you feel constantly in a state of loneliness and depression and can’t shake it.  Please take action and speak to your family physician.  You deserve to feel your best and enjoy life.  Please I urge you to overcome the fear of taking action….God bless you.

 Feel free to ask questions or leave your comments, what you have to say is of value and just may help out another.





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Nov 27

Performance Goal Setting! How To Make A Simple Action Plan


Goal setting is an important tool for completing special projects and helps to grow your business.  Setting specific performance goals and working them, gives you a focused direction of where to take your business or project.  It’s a roadmap of action steps that helps to promote your success and growth.

You have your dreams for your life, however, dreams  can vary and a goal is specific. Goals that you act upon will bring everything into reality. Setting performance goals will help you to stay clear in what you’re aiming for. Goal setting gives you a motivational boost, especially when you meet them..

Types Of Goals

There are two types of goals, short and long-term. A short-term goal is normally accomplished within a matter of months. Increasing your monthly sales is a short-term goal.  Adding a new staff member would also be short-term.

Long-term goals are usually more complex, as the tasks involved to carry out are multiple and time-consuming. A goal to expand your business by adding a new service is a long-term. You may have to meet specific conditions such as financing, hiring of help, research and equipment purchases. All these tasks take time to bring everything together to meet your goal.

Identify Your Goals

It’s important that you are clear about what you wish to do. Your goals need to be specific. One of your goals might be to increase sales yet that alone is a broad statement. It would be better to state the goal as, to increase monthly sales by $1,000 dollars per month.

Goals Must Be Measurable

It’s important to develop a means to track the goal as you are taking action on it. You need to know what action tasks are working or failing. Monitoring your goals action plan allows you to make necessary adjustment keeping you on track.

Goals Must Be Attainable

When Setting your Performance goals, you need to stay realistic about the goal and your abilities to meet it. You may have a goal to acquire a new delivery van,  but, if your business doesn’t have the resources to meet the monthly payment, then it’s not a reasonably attainable goal.

Goals Must Have A Time Limit

When setting your goals you must give it a time line for their completion. Growing your business with performance goals, works efficiently when you have a definite window to make your goal.

How To Make Your Simple Goal Action Plan

Your goal setting will only be of benefit if you have a plan. A plan of action, for monitoring and adjusting until completion.

You can use ordinary filler paper and keep it in a binder or folder. If you want to get fancy you can create your own format on the computer. Heres a simple goal plan.

1. On the top left hand corner, write out your specific goal. i.e. Increase monthly sales by $1000.00

2. On the far right write dated started, leave some spacing write Date To Complete by.

3. Down a line or two on the left side of the page, list the action steps required. List under this class numerically each action required to meet your goal. You may find yourself adding or eliminating action steps as you go. It all depends on what progress you’re making.  For Example:

1. Add two new customers per week.

Write in whats needed to acquire two customers extra per week.

2. Participate in Trade shows

Determine, what type, when or where, log steps needed to carry out.

3. Develop new product or service promotion

List steps necessary

Action Steps are like a goal within a goal, they are the list of tasks needed to carry  them out.

As you complete an action task, off to the end of the task write the date completed. As I mentioned this is a simple means. Develop a plan that is comfortable for you. Keep in mind you need to check your plan periodically and work the action steps.

When Goals Are Not Met

There will be a time when business doesn’t go as planned and your action steps hit a roadblock. Don’t get discouraged as it’s just a part of life. The key is to stay positive, take a short break and regroup.  When something isn’t producing the results desire, simply try a different approach.

Take a new look at what you wish to do and about what changes you can make. Are there new steps to use, or do you need to change the Goal? Go back and re-identify your goals. Make sure that they are in line with your values and move forward. Goal setting with a performance action plan will keep you on track.  Guiding you  to the successful completion of various projects and will help to grow your business.

I welcome your comments and questions, as  your advice is valuable and may help someone else.



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Nov 20

Blessings! How I Discovered A Powerful Gift

Natures Beauty Is A Blessing


It’s interesting how something just hits you out of  nowhere.  How I discovered the decree of blessing came about while sitting in the famous traffic that Panama is known for.  Living in Panama is a blessing in many ways, yet when you are out in the traffic it feels like a curse.

Panamanians are normally friendly people, but put them behind the wheel of a car and it all changes.  Taxis and bus drivers are the worse, they’ll drive the break down lane just to get ahead or, cut you off while you attempt to enter the mall.  The all time worse is passing you when on an off or on ramp.

Lack Of Patience

Normally I am an easy-going person with a fair amount of patience.  However I started to grow frustrated, scolding the bus who forced me out of my lane.  The more that the incidents occurred the more negative my outbursts became.  It got to the point where they would blurt out of my mouth automatically.

Power Of The Spoken Word

I realized that the more I condemned or cursed the taxis, buses and the standstill traffic, they would seem to occur more often.  How easy it became for me to forget the power of my own words.


While sitting in traffic one day, my wife let out a big sneeze, automatically I spouted God bless you.  I thought to myself, wow, how many times you hear someone say Bless You, Blessings, or God Bless.  Many times it’s just said  automatically without thought.

Why do we bless someone?  Is it a common courtesy we learned as a child?  It hit me then that Blessings or stating God Bless you, is to declare the GOOD in the situation.  It’s an affirmative decree that God protects you, preventing you from harm or illness.

Blessing a person, an event or situation is invoking an affirmation, a decree for Divine Good to come forward.  To bless is to make it Holy or to make it whole.

If words of condemnation, cursing and criticism attract more of the same unhappy experiences, imagine the results of the spoken blessings.  When you give your blessing to others, you are giving them the gift of divine goodness.  As the good enters their lives, it will enter your’s as well.

Putting It To Work

Now, before going out on the road, offer a blessing for your car and its passengers, bless the road and its traffic.  When a taxi cuts you off, calmly decree a blessing  that he may learn to drive safely.  Surprisingly or not, you will find that everything will flow a bit easier.

Not Just For Traffic

Blessings are a wonderful gift to give to family, friends and even strangers.  At night before I go to sleep I ask that God blesses my wife, family and friends.  That they will have  good health, enjoy prosperity and be at peace with themselves.

The decree of Blessings is a powerful gift, brought to life through the creative power of the spoken word.  A creative force that brings forth divine goodness into your life and the world.

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Jul 29

Welcome To Its A Meaningful Life

It’s a meaningful life covers all topics of Self Growth, Spirituality and Daily Living.  Everything that affects your quality of life.

My life experiences and events led me to living a life of pain, loneliness and depression.  As a result I simply existed day by day with no purpose or meaning.

You would think that after three near death experiences that I would finally get it right.  It’s taken 55 of my 62 year existence just to get on track.

In January of 2009, everything went fast forward.  One day for no clear reason my kidneys began to fail.  An infection set in and I was deteriorating rapidly.  My doctor gave me the news that I was facing death.  After throwing myself a pity party, I realized the results of failing to live life to the fullest.  Thanks to God, he heard my prayers for another chance.  I promised that I would not waste his gift.

As a late learner, I realized how much, I had missed out on because of my-self limiting thoughts and beliefs that held me back.  I often wondered how many people are or were like me.  Missed opportunities, lost love, frustrated by unfulfilled desires, lonely, living in despair.  People giving up,because they don’t know how to turn their life around.

After much consideration and thought, It’s A Meaningful life was born.  Its purpose is to explore the who, what, where, when, why and How of everything that affects your life.  Including but not limited to the following:

1.  Self

2.  Family

3.  Relationships

4.  Work and Career

5.  Health, Wealth and Happiness

6.  Faith, Beliefs and Spirituality

7.  Metaphysical

8.  Retirement and Senior Living

9.  Adventure, Opportunities, Passion, Fun

9.  Giving and Receiving

10.  Emotions, Love, Fear, Hate and Forgiveness

My goal is to explore all topics that will help to increase your self-awareness and understanding.  Giving you the knowledge and abilities to create the meaningful life you deserve to live.

Your Participation

I urge you to leave your comments, to ask questions and to give suggestions.  Your interaction is important.  Your comments, and suggestions just might be what someone needs at that very moment.

Your Story

Better yet, please send me your personal story about where you are now in your life.  Are you struggling, making headway or have you found complete success.  Remember your experiences are a powerful learning tool.  People learn best from the example and experiences of others.  However, whats really important is that you are giving valuable help to others by sharing.

Please use the contact form at the end of the About page.  I’ll respond quickly and give you information on how to send your story.

Again Welcome and thank you for visiting.

Best Regards



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Jul 29

The Truth About Living In Chronic Pain

The truth about living in chronic pain, is its serious impact on your quality of life.  It threatens you with negative thoughts fueled by powerful emotions and chronic fatigue.  Remember that your thoughts and emotions, attract like thoughts.  How you feel and think today will affect your experience tomorrow.

Yes, I know, how can you not think about pain when it consumes every aspect of your daily life?  It limits your activities. You can’t do the stuff you use to.  You have to rely on family for help.  Your friends ignore you. Your family doesn’t understand.  Your spouse is frustrated.  People start labeling you as Lazy, A Faker, a hypochondriac, crazy and a host of other not so nice things.  You can’t work. You feel useless, depressed and wonder why me?  What’s my purpose for life now?  You develop a sense of worthlessness,

You Are Not Your Illness Or Pain

You are the same loving person that God created.  Yes, your life is a great deal different and you have many obstacles facing you.  However, in time you can develop a positive mindset to help you cope and work through the various phases but first you must go through the following:

1.  Initial diagnosis Shock, even if you had the pain for a long time, getting a name like Fibromyalgia, or Multiple Schlerosis  and learning there are no cures can knock your socks off.

2.  The Grieving process begins.  You cry, get mad, why me, poor me, a full-blown  pity party complete with regrets.  This is normal, but stop it after a while, or you will only add more misery to your life.

3.  Acceptance– learn to accept that this is part of your life and not your life’s ending.  Develop a positive plan for making adjustments, pace yourself and create balance in your life, medically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially.

Take Control Of Your Life

You and only you are responsible for taking care of yourself.  Some people call it Self Management, while I call it doing what’s best for you?

1.  Talk with your doctor, don’t hold back on how you feel, especially about your pain level, types of pain and how it affects your daily activities.  Your doctor can’t help you if he or she doesn’t have the full picture.  Yes!  It’s OK to change doctors.  If you feel your doctor is unresponsive, doesn’t understand, or you’re simply uncomfortable, then make the change.  Try to find a doctor that specializes in your problem.

2.  Educate yourself about your condition without dwelling on the symptoms.  Don’t go looking for new symptoms, don’t consume all your time with it.  Attempt to keep up as much normal and positive activity as possible.  Remember, like attracts like.

3.  Seek support, via online support groups, counseling if necessary.  Live your life normally do not isolate yourself.  Find new activities if you can’t do your old ones.  Try a hobby, go for a walk, even if it’s just 25 feet into the neighborhood.  When you greet your neighbors don’t talk about your illness or pain.  Look for adjustments or changes you can make to continue as a participant in life.  Don’t become a recluse, despite the fact you may feel lonely at times.

4.  Communicate with your Spouse about how you feel.  It’s difficult for family to understand that your pain can make you more impatient, it can flare up outbursts of anger or anxiety.  The key is to let them know it’s not directed at them personally.

Five Important Reminders

1.  Allow yourself to rest when your pain worsens.  If you have difficulty sleeping, sleep at various times of the day or night.  Sleep is restorative and important for your health.  Meditation and Subliminal CD‘s can help with pain sleep, mind and body healing.

2.  Ignore the opinions of others, they have no idea what you have to go through.

3.  Do whats best for you, medically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Seek out positive life loving friends and avoid those who dwell on the negative.

4.  Allow family and friends to help.  You can’t do it all.  Additionally, why deprive others the benefit of giving to you.  It’s a benefit to all involved.

5.  Work towards developing a positive attitude as you then create and bring new and good things into your life.  Live life as  full as possible, live your life, your way as it was meant to be.  Finally call upon your faith, call upon God to guide you, and to give you strength during this difficult time.

I always welcome your questions or comments.  Your participation is valuable as it contributes to helping others.

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Jul 28

My Story

My story is actually everyone’s story.  The events and experiences are different, yet the results are the same.  Life became frustrating from unfulfilled desires.  Trying to live, act or do as others expect you to.  Living in a way to please others, for their approval, to fit in or just to get along.  Life was one full of worries.  Worrying what others may think, worrying about money, family, work and everything in between.

It seemed that I allowed my dreams and desires to become buried, resulting in anger, frustration and unhappiness.  Frustrated by the feeling of not being in control of my life, only fed my negative mindset.

My life leading up to adulthood, resulted in no sense of self-worth.   I had no self-confidence and lived afraid of anything challenging.  Oddly, I did have a sense that I had something greater within me, despite that I couldn’t define it.

Life Events

Many events and experiences took place in my life, that brought me to depression. My disabilities, from exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam worsened because of a head on car accident.  My health began to decline, and most physical activities came to an end. I lost interest in life as the chronic pain made me emotionally and physically exhausted.

A major negative event in my life, was that I married and stayed in a relationship that should not have happened.  For whatever reason, I was frozen, afraid to divorce.  One, I had children, two. I was Catholic and taught that divorce is wrong.  My religion bolstered my fear of  Hell and damnation, and my lack of worthiness.  Guilt and fear kept me stagnant, living a life of just existing day by day.

While I was at my wit’s end living with the chronic pain.  My wife at that time, wanted a divorce.  Seeing that I never had the guts to end the marriage, I should have thought this a blessing.  Why it added to my depression, I don’t know?

The Darkness

One day waking to extreme stiffness and pain, I thought why bother living. I felt life had no purpose, no meaning.  What did I have to show for my 54 my years?  Death seemed like a better solution.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, I thought about dying.  As my thoughts roamed to how and when, not only was I despondent, but I was extremely frustrated.  My head spinning, I became angry about why it was this way.  A desire for something better swelled within me.  I broke down sobbing, for what felt like hours, feeling a sense of loss, for a life lived without purpose or meaning.

Self Discovery

I must have fallen asleep.  I dreamt of memories long forgotten, of my youth in Boy Scouts, playing baseball, camping, fishing. Memories of working on a food drive and helping with a teen activity to raise money for St. Jude Hospital.  A flood of experiences that were long forgotten came forth.  I saw and felt scenes of my grandchildren, how they got excited when I visited and the times spent together playing, fishing, picnics and hunting for treasure with my metal detector.

When I awoke, I felt a sense of calmness, a strange peace.  I surprisingly felt, that I was not that bad of a person.  All this led to my going within, taking a hard inventory of myself, comparing how I felt as a child,  to what I felt now.  Most important, I began questioning, Who am I? And what kind of person did I wish to become?  Deciding what I wanted for my life gave me a road map for moving forward.  Tapping into  my power within,  started  a long, slow and difficult process of self-discovery.   The amazing thing was that I even started to like myself.   I was on my way moving forward.

The Ultimate Wake Up Call

In my life, I had three near-death experiences you would think I should have gotten it together by now.  I allowed life to get in the way, and fell back to my limiting negative thoughts.

One Sunday I was in severe abdominal pain and running a high fever.  I have a high pain threshold, but this was like nothing else so I went to the hospital and was admitted.  My kidneys were shutting down and the infection worsened.  After two nights my doctor informed me that the infection was not responding to antibiotics.  My kidneys were deteriorating rapidly and I was facing death.

It was this sense of finality that struck me deeply.  I went through a grieving, pity party of how I wasted my years.  Angry that I had not fulfilled my dreams or desires. That I would never know the love of another and all things we take for granted.

Lying in the darkness, I began thinking of friends and family, With a sense of conviction that surprised me, I stated, No way.   I’m not going to die. I won’t allow it.  I intend to live.   Throughout the night I prayed and spouted affirmations, continuing late into the morning.  I promised God, if I survive that I would not waste his gift of a second chance. I would love and appreciate life as no other person could.  I’m  grateful he heard me.

That afternoon my doctor returned, shaking  his head, he said its short of a miracle, your blood count and kidney functions have improved, lets hope it continues. Smiling I responded, I know it will.

Note:   As a result of that long night in the hospital, I feared I lostthe opportunity of finding a special loving person.   I realized in the past that I was afraid of taking a chance on loving a special person again.  But thanks to God hearing me and granting me a second chance, I followed up with a lovely women, that I was ignoring.  I promised God I would contact her, and the rest would be up to him.  We are now married and have been together for three loving years.

I welcome your comments, and if you have a STORY,  please share it with us.  You may just be the lift that another person needs.  Your Story will be published on a special page.  Please contact me via the About page

Warm Regards














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