Loneliness! How To Tips For Overcoming Being Lonely

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Overcoming loneliness is a challenge for many and may seem almost impossible for others, yet with a sincere effort and desire you can overcome it.

Loneliness is an uncomfortable and complicated experience of feelings of isolation and emptiness.  There are many causes that result in being lonely.  However, loneliness is possibly  affected by your current social situation and emotional state.

We are all social creatures.  God created you as a loving social being with the intention that you live a full, joyful and abundant life.  While loneliness is a normal occurrence, it’s really like a physic alarm clock, providing you with a wake-up call to take action and seek social activity.

Connecting Socially

Participate in activities that allow you to meet other people.  loneliness fades when yo have contact with other people, especially when you share the same interest.  Here are some how-to tips for overcoming being lonely:

1.  Take an inventory of yourself, write it down on paper.  Determine what are your interest?  Whats your favorite activity, or what was your favorite?  Do you like to bowl?  If so, join a weekly bowling league and don’t say you’re not good enough!  there are leagues that add handicap points to your score based on your average.  Or, are you an avid reader? join a book club.  Do you like fishing? Join a sports or fishing club.  Are you a crafter, quilter then join a related group.  The key is to find a group activity that interests you.  Not sure about locating groups, check the internet, your church bulletin, weekly penny saver, newspapers etc for group listings.

2.  Become daring, attempt something new.  Take up a new hobby, how about Metal Detecting.  There are many clubs with members to help you choose your first detector and to help you learn how to use it.  Plus they have various group activities.  Find one gold ring and you paid for your detector.

Here are some ideas to get your juices flowing:

a.  Metal Detecting gets you outdoors, the thrill of the hunt, offers personal and group activity.  Pays you in cash, jewelry and historical relics.

b.  Gold prospecting, there are clubs to join, gets you outdoors, offers financial reward and you need very little to get started.

c.  Bottle hunting and collecting., offers group activity, exercise, an artful appreciation of history, plus many bottles are valuable and in demand to collectors.

d.  Stamp and Coin Collecting, offers group club association, and personal satisfaction of the art and history behind stamps and coins.

e. Arts and crafts such as candle making, soap making, stamping, quilting, woodworking, photography, videography.  You can enjoy these activities solo or with a group.

f.  Walking and Hiking, check your area for groups, makes it more enjoyable.

g.  Sports such as Bowling, Golf, Tennis, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball etc.  Of course this depends on your physical condition.  Check with your local Park and Recreation department for clinics and leagues.  Yes, there are leagues for the over 40 crowd as well.

The list of activities is as long your imagination.  However the key is group activity.  Get out and meet like-minded people,  make friends and enjoy.  There are many activities that are solitary in nature, but remember you need to take part in group activities as well.

Develop A Routine

For many, loneliness comes from being suddenly thrown into a solitary living environment that creates the feeling of a loss of familiarity.  Your routine that you kept for many years has come to a screeching halt.  You’re probably feeling like a fish out of water not sure what to do with yourself.

It’s important to develop a new routine and you can make changes if you not happy with it.  Change is a positive thing, it opens up new doors of opportunity.  Some tips to get you started:

a.  Wake up and go to bed at the same time

b.  Pack a lunch and go to the park or meet a friend for lunch at least once a week.

c.  Go out for morning coffee and grab a paper, even better with a friend.

d.  Participate in a weekly group activity, if not possible monthly at the least.

f.  Visit regularly with family and friends

g.  Experiment and try new activities, you never what you will discover and  may enjoy.

  Treat yourself to something special once a week, or month even something as simple as treating your self to ice cream.

i.  Add meditation to your routine, there are many Subliminal CD’s that help guide you to meditate.  It provides great emotional and physical benefits and sharpens memory and creativity.

The key is to try to develop a routine that doesn’t have you sitting home all day.  Set your schedule for routine task such as shopping, housekeeping and church if you desire to worship.  Do what makes you feel good and enjoy each moment.

Lack Of Motivation Or No Interest

There are some folks where the knowing what to do to overcome loneliness is not the problem.  Their problem is that they lack the desire or interest to even begin.  Down deep they want to overcome the loneliness and frustration that comes with it.  Yet they just can’t bring the change about.

This state of being, the lack of interest, to connect socially is possibly a result of clinical depression.  While the focus of this article is not on clinical depression, the recommendations are beneficial and may relieve some of its symptoms.

Please…if you feel constantly in a state of loneliness and depression and can’t shake it.  Please take action and speak to your family physician.  You deserve to feel your best and enjoy life.  Please I urge you to overcome the fear of taking action….God bless you.

 Feel free to ask questions or leave your comments, what you have to say is of value and just may help out another.





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