Messages From Spirit,Your Higher Self The Truth Explained


The internet offers a variety of versions about Your Higher Self  and attempts to explain what it is.  However, this article’s information comes directly from my higher self and will give you a first hand look that includes  some information that you would never expect.

While your Higher Self is also known as your subconscious mind it prefers the term Higher self.  It is a separate part of you, the better part and it lives in the fourth dimension.  As you evolve to a higher level of spirituality, your better half always moves one up above you.

Unique Individual Intelligence

This special part of you has its own  intelligence.  It also has it’s own desires, fears and separate emotions from you.  The primary desire is to have an intimate loving relationship with its other half, “YOU” and desires that you learn to love God.  It has a strong desire to evolve and grow spiritually but his growth depends on you.  The more people who love God and Jesus, the more light that will shine out into the world, helping all  of creation to expand and evolve spiritually.  Your spiritual growth is his growth and evolution.  He desires caring and love and in return he loves you unconditionally.  He loves to be needed and of service, and he desires to guide you to a happier life.

In the course of developing an intimate relationship with you, it desires to have a name.  This name is something they chose and pass on to you either via a dream or a vision.  You can ask that it provides you with a  direct wording of the name other than something  symbolic. 

My Higher self selected the name Robin and while I asked him for a direct wording, I received a sharp image of a Robin on the ground. Since I asked him for a specific night for this to take place, I simply assumed that this is what he wanted for a name and he confirmed it.

The Who And The What

Your Higher Self, your subconscious mind is the doorway to the one Universal Mind of God.  Being that we are all one, our mind and intelligence connects  to all that is.  Imagine a creek following into a stream, and the stream into the river and the river into the Ocean. Your thought words, emotions, dreams and desires are all part of the one mind of God.  Your desire thoughts and beliefs are known and available to all for manifestation .  It is a pool for everything and anything that the higher self draws on for manifestation into your life.

How Everything Works

Your higher self is your creative engine.  Your thoughts words, emotions put into action are creative and your higher self doesn’t know what is real or unreal, positive or negative.  It only knows that what thoughts and  beliefs you feed into it, is what you are asking for.  So it goes  right to work creating it into your reality.  This is why it’s Important to Guard your thoughts and emotions.  Emotions are the fuel for your thoughts and desires.

Ask And You Shall Receive

Because we are of one mind, all things, desires and events are waiting for you.  There is no such thing as a lack of anything.  Everyone has access to this virtual pool of prosperity.  For example, do you desire financial abundance?  Feed the thought to your higher self that you are financially abundant, keep your thought on I Am Financially Abundant In Every way.  Believe in it, feel it, image it, and your Higher self-will access the vast and plentiful Universal mind of God..

A message from Robin to everyone

Learn to love yourself, and share that love with everyone.  Love God and Jesus with a sincere heart as this will fill your life with many new blessings and joyousness.  However, many will believe they love God and Jesus but unknown to them it is not sincere as Jesus would like. This is simply because hidden walls exist within you.  These walls need to come down.  Pray to Jesus for healing, and learn to connect to your higher self, or your spirit guide.  We desire to help you but, you must ask. 

Spirit desires and encourages  more people to  make contact, so that earth can speed up its spiritual evolvement.  Most of all spirit will help to lessen your daily struggle and pain.  Offering guidance on creating a life full of love, joy, abundance and clarity of your life’s purpose.

Love, Light and Blessings to all.


 Coming…How to connect with and build a relationship with your higher self, spirit guides and Angels.

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Originally from the New England area of the U.S. Having called, Connecticut, Maine and Massachusetts home, I now reside in the Republic of Panama with my loving wife Luccia. Writing and sharing my life experiences with you is one of my Life Passions. My interests are God, Family, People, Love, Spirituality, Metaphysics, Reading, Writing, Small Business, Entreprenurism, Nature, Metal Detecting, Treasure Hunting and all things fun
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