Retired And Bored What To Do?

Are you retired and bored?  Are you frustrated on  what to do about it?  Well, don’t worry because you’re not alone.  Thousands of people have dreamt of that special day when they would have all the time in the world to relax and do as they want.  For many the novelty of total freedom wears off and you quickly join the ranks of retired and bored.

Whats The Problem?

When most of your life is spent working, it allows for little time for anything else.  The work environment is the center of your life.  Your friends and activities are from your work.  So when you stop working, it leaves an empty space within your life.

First of all, when you retire, you lose that sense of familiarity.  You are in a new world with less activity, and you now feel like a fish out of water.  It’s akin to graduating high school as you’re excited with your new found freedom.  However, you just don’t know what to do with it.

Retired And Bored, What To Do!

Being bored can make you anxious and restless.  If you do nothing to relieve your boredom, you can become frustrated and eventually depressed.

Take A Self Inventory

What activities do you like?  Do you have any hobbies?  Have you ever had a dream desire or wish for the ability to learn or do something?  Like, learning woodworking, to play an instrument, speak a second language.  Think about things that you are passionate about and seek the means to take part in what you love.  Ok, so your passion is work.  If that’s the case, then find a part-time job that fits your skills and abilities.

Change Your Thinking

Focus on thoughts that you’re blessed with the freedom to pick and do whatever is pleasing to you.  What a wonderful gift of freedom, having the chance to create a new and better life for yourself and others as well.  Let the child within you come out to play.  When you were a kid, what were your desires?  To Start a Business, play the saxophone or to become a treasure hunter.  Now is the opportunity to fulfill past desires.

Examples To Get You Going

1.  You love Sports, why not coach a youth sport activity?  Baseball, Basketball, Football, Swimming etc.

2.  Join a Bowling league, its good exercise and you get to meet other people.  You can share that time with your spouse in a mixed team league or simply join a mens league.

3. Give of your time to charity organizations, many have listings of the type of help needed. Visit nursing homes, become a companion by playing cards or games with some of the residents’ heck, most would enjoy simple conversation.

4.  Open yourself to adventure, take up Hiking, Beach-Combing, Metal Detecting, Gold Prospecting, Rock and Gem Collecting, Bottle Digging.  The internet is full of websites and information on any of the above.  On the other hand, you can join a local club on any of the above activities.  A club offers you the opportunity to meet like-minded people and allows for group activities.

5.  Exercise your mind, go back to school, get a degree, learn a new craft, or that second language.  Tackle those books that are collecting dust because you didn’t have time to read them.

6.  Start a small home business, full or part-time, visit  for some how to information and ideas.

Whether its learning a craft, hobby, fishing, hunting, or gardening, your opportunities are only limited by your imagination.  Participating in activities that you enjoy and are passionate about adds a quality to your life of peace, contentment, joy and happiness.

Retired and Board What To do?  Now you have choices it’s up to you.

I welcome your comments and suggestions, please do not hesitate to share them.

Until Next Time

Warm Regards

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